Monday, July 6, 2009

How to make free calls to india?

India is one of the best market most of the Global telecom focus, with one of the most stringent regulations. On top of it, it's dominated by the local telcoms such as BSNL, MTNL and some sectors like Bharati, Essar, TATA & Reliance. There are billions of dollars at stake in the telcom industry which these big punters dont want to give away for FREE. Afterall, they want to cash on your pockets as much as they can till free voip becomes evident and a household name. At the same time, Government makes every attempt not to promote VOIP and benefit the telcoms. Hope every one know why they do so! :-)

Now, what about making free international calls to India?
The answer is YES and No both.

Why no?
Because its not possible to make free calls to india, since indian telecom companies charge the VOIP companies for terminating a call on landline or mobile in india. That sucks but it's true. Then you must be wondering how come there are providers who still offer free calls to India.

Why Yes?
There are some providers such as Gizmocall who offer free international calls to india. They basically operate in deep pockets and pay off for the termination charge from other paid service. Trust me this model falls off once the difference is huge. But till its there, you can use Gizmocall to make free calls to India